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8 Day | Adventure Tour

For the thrill seekers

If you're an ocean junkie who just can't seem to get enough 'Vitamin Sea', then our Adventure Tour is perfect for you. We've created an exhilarating itinerary that consists of the best water sports you need to enjoy while immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty Maldives has to offer. So grab your tanning oil and slip on your swimmers, because you're about to head to the Sunny Side of Life


10 Day | Boat Cruise

9 islands in 10 days

A boat cruise, or a ‘safari’ as the locals call it, is the perfect way to enjoy the exotic natural beauty of the Maldives. Enjoy the endless white beaches and surrounding azure waters as you travel around these breath taking islands on this 10-day cruise. Cruise through some of the world’s most beautiful islands while snorkeling or diving to meet the underwater locals of the Maldives.

13 Day | Island Escape Tour

Your own castaway adventure!

Time to escape from your 21st century fast paced life and go AWOL. Lets recharge, refuel and restore your mind, body and soul while living the simple island lifestyle. Teach your mind and body to let go and relax, while waking up to nature’s lullaby of waves from the Indian Ocean. Try to perfect the art of doing nothing in paradise and find your inner peace. This tour will strip away your stress and worries and give you a new perception and lease on life. So lose your shoes and get ready to enjoy your own castaway adventure!

8 Day | Relax Tour

Time to disconnect from the rest of the world

It’s time to disconnect from the rest of the world and reconnect with yourself. Join our relax tour as we take you to one of the more remote islands of Maldives where you get to sit back, relax and just do nothing. Wake up to spectacular views of endless shades of blue of the Indian Ocean, enjoy morning and sunset yoga sessions or pamper yourself at the spa as you rejuvenate. Truly get to experience the art of doing nothing while enjoying the beautiful surrounding white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of Paradise on Earth. Enjoy Maldives for what its best known for but of course without the hefty price tag!

9 Day | Bucket List Tour

Experience the best Maldives has to offer

It’s time to start ticking off thing from your bucket list and maybe start a new one. If your bucket list is to see all shades of blue in the World, what better way to accomplish that then the Maldives?  Jump into different shades of blue and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Understand the meaning of perfect water temperature by taking a dip in the ocean anytime, day or night. Swim with one of the most beautiful creatures of the sea, the majestic Manta Rays or see the biggest fish in the ocean, the Whale Shark. This is the tour you would want to be on. So enjoy Maldives for what its best known for but of course without the hefty price tag!


8 Day | Dive Tour

Explore the underwater world

As a country that considers itself 99% water and 1% land, you’d imagine much of the wonders of Maldives actually lies underwater. Join us on this tour as we explore some of the best dive sites in Maldives with experienced instructors guiding you throughout your underwater journey. Meet the true underwater locals of the Maldives who has called our beautiful islands and its surrounding waters their homes for thousands of years long before people settled down on these remote islands in the middle of Indian ocean. 

8 Day | Cultural Tour

Walk amongst the locals and discover a different side to the Maldives

They say if you really want to get to know a country, step into the shoes of a local. With this tour that is exactly what we have tried to accomplish. Rather than being quickly whisked away to a fancy island resort, stay amongst the locals in a more boutique hotel owned and operated by the neighbourhood entrepreneur. Visit some of the most significant cultural sites in Maldives up North and finish the tour by experiencing the hectic daily lifestyle of your average Maldivian through our guided tour in Male’ City. Truly explore the other side of ‘Paradise’ not many get to experience.